Sunday, December 17, 2000

Weekend Woes

This was quite the unusual weekend. Two of my friends from Los Angeles, Edward and Sayat, decided to drive up and pay me a visit. It was just absolutely a long weekend.

They arrived at my house in boulder creek on Wednesday of last week. Late at night, so we basically did nothing that night. The next day we drove down to the city and I got some work done while they just hung out in the city.

At night, we went to Tony's Joint, a small hole-in-the-wall sports bar, pigged out and drank some frosty mugs of beer. We later returned to the office and consumed a few alcoholic drinks, or at least they did. After the long night, we retired to various areas of the office. I chose to sleep underneath Jonathan's desk, too bad that Sayat awoke me in the morning before Jonathan actually arrived.

I took friday off, we explored the city. We left the office, walked to China Town, grabbed some lunch, then headed to Coit Tower and enjoyed the view. We then headed for the most crooked street in the world, followed by a stroll down to North Beach to grab some icecream. We then slowly made our way to Fisherman's Wharf where we eventually ate some dinner. I love the Clam Chowder at Pier 39.

After that immensely long walk, we walked all the way back to the office. sheesh, that was the killer. We then got all cleaned up and drove down to a club, where we didn't meet the dress code, so we hit the bars. Four of us, went to a bar called Fuse, I'm not sure of the cross-streets, however, it's somewhere near China Town.

I met Lacie and Amanda at the bar. They were a pair of roommates just hanging out at the bar hoping to see their friend who worked there. Too bad the friend had the night off. So after hanging out with them and talking to them most of the night, we went back to the office, grabbed some pizza on the way, and went to bed.

The next day, we went to Museum of Modern Art, it was simply amazing. I'd never seen so much amazing art pieces in my entire life. It's really making me want to go visit the Ghetty museum in Los Angeles over the Christmas vacation. Later on, we headed down to the Muir Woods, it was awesome. I'd never seen trees with so much girth. I am still speechless. I later returned back to Boulder Creek and left my friends in the city for another night of fun. Too bad they didn't have any. :)

Today, I'm resting. I've been in bed for the majority of the day, just attempting to recuperate from the weekends excitement. I think I'm done writing, I'll go watch some tv now and make my
day complete.


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