Thursday, January 25, 2001

Stuck in NY

I'm in NY. I suck. I realized something horrible about my self on this trip. I'm insecure about some important things. Basically, I developed a nasty insecurity when I was dating my exgf. I am constantly making myself worry, thinking that the other person doesn't care about me. So what I do is smuther the person with attention. This is bad. This is terrible. I need to try as hard, VERY HARD, to rid my self of this horrible issue.

If I don't get rid of this, I'm going to blow what could be amazing relationships with some of the most unique people I've ever met. I'm sad that I've become that I am. Hopefully the damage is reparable.

Off topic, I'm working on some really cool stuff. I'd say that the Winamp3 skin is about 90% complete. Which is really great news. Then the new site is changing more and more. Sorry, the site is now optimized for 800x600 users only, no more 640x480 love.

I'll have screen shots here soon. Patience.


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