Sunday, February 11, 2001

Hate Web Traffic Schools

A word to the wise, don't ever do online traffic school. It's long and grueling. It makes me want to cry. I'm an idiot for thinking of doing it online. Piece of shit. I shoulda just done the 8 hours. Live and Learn.

Talked to Erin today. Got some things that were pissing me off off my chest. That was a good relief. Still happy to be on my own. Relationships are a drag. I'll stay single for a while, I definitely don't need to deal with anything like this at this point in my life.

After reading Kyle's .plan, I realized he's a very very bad person. He's totally evil for daring his friend to do that. Then again, his friend is a complete moron for doing it. It's a good thing there those out there that can provide us all that good quality entertainment.

I think I'm done for the moment. Talk to y'all later.


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