Monday, February 19, 2001

MSNBC and Kitty Urine

I'm sitting at home right now. As I sit here and watch MSNBC, a show called Crime Files, I realize that there are some screwed up people out there. The show is about serial killers. It's just really horrible.

It's just really horrible. I'm watching the segment on John Wayne Gacy. I have a light phobia of clowns. Now watching this, it takes it all to a new meaning.

On a different note, this weekend, while making my bed, I was greeted by a large patch of urine. Trying to figure out what it was, I put my blanket to my nose and smelled the now dried cat urine. It's really pissed me off at the moment cause I had to spend 30 minutes outside pulling cat hair out of the vacuum. It was like the last straw.

Anyway, I'm outta here. Later.


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