Friday, February 23, 2001

Office Politics

Corporate politics is really annoying. Even when we're not trying to cause trouble, everyone assumes we are. I hate it. We try so hard to be the good guys and make the people around us realize that we're not trying to screw them. Yet they still think we're just being evil, conniving bastards, trying to cause unrest.

It's been really weird lately, things have been actually getting better. The life around the office is starting to become more the way it was post acquistion (nullsoft). Thing that sucks is, when we're all happy and doing our jobs, everyone around us hates us cause they think we're a bunch of spoiled brat/slackers who never do any work. They should stop judging us and look at what they're doing.

We love what we do. We like to surround ourselves with people who think the same way, is this something to hate us for? We just realize that we can all change the world. No one else around us sees that. Worst off, they hate us for trying. Ugh. I hate corporate politics.


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