Saturday, April 14, 2001

Lazy Flies

So here I lie, in my bed. All warm and snuggly from the cold of my room. Only to do what? Write a .plan update. Why? I ask myself that same question everytime I do this.

So, besides from my regular ranting about how much difficulty I have in the world of women, I'm going to try to go for a change of pace.

Last night, I spent the evneing playing video games with my roommate Dave. We were playing Fifa 2001 for PS2. Jesus, that game is the most incredible sports game EVER created. It's so much fun. I lost my voice from screaming so much. Unfortunately, I've discovered that I'm the dirtiest player in all of existance.

I believe I was supposed to go hiking this afternoon, however, it doesn't appear that Tom and Bonnie have awoken yet. Such a shame, i say. It appears to be a magnificent day to go walking around out in the woods.

You know, deer are so stupid. Fortunately, I've never hit one, but I've come awfully close a few times. I don't understand why they come out into or near the roadway late at night. It's as though they're doing it on purpose to tempt fate. Like a bunch of stupid teenagers trying to see who can stay on the train tracks the longest. WHY?!@

Finally, when you turn the corner, and barely see them, they freak out and just stand their with this sweet, yet stupid expression on their face, in sheer horror. They are unable to think. They just stand there. Obviously, the only safe course of action is, swerve. Of course, you risk losing control of the vehicle. The other alternative is, plow right into the stupid thing. Kill it, possibly kill your self, still lose control of the car, and teach that god damn deer out there a lesson.

I think I'm not getting enough sleep. I was doing so well for my self. Waking up at 8:00 or 9:00AM, going to bed at 1:00. That's the best sleep schedule I've had since I was 9. Stupid New Orleans fucked it all up since we went out so much. I hate it when vacation takes it's toll on you even afer you've returned.

Okay, I think I'm going to lay in bed some more and then possibly go out side and go do some walking around. Get my daily dose of Vitamin E.


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