Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Back from Hell

Well, I got back from LA yesterday afternoon, it was actually a pretty decent trip. I was expecting a horrible time, but it went by and left LA relieved that I got into two arguments with my mum. That's a miracle, if I've ever heard one.

So now I'm back home, and I'm very grateful for being home. However, I came home to a flat tire on my car. That totally sucked, I was going to go out to a nice dinner, instead, I got screwed at the used car-lot. I'm going to change my tire sometime this afternoon. Sucky part is that I have to get the tire repaired now, if that's even an option, otherwise, I gotta go somewhere and buy a new one.

The new Winamp alpha is out. It's great. There are still a few goodies that haven't been released, I guess you're just going to have to wait till the next alpha.

Herro Amanda! :)

I'm out, I'll come back later.


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