Sunday, May 6, 2001

Da Demo

Wow... It's been about a few weeks since I last updated my .plan. It's probably because I've now escalated our homepage as our own place to talk about .plan-esque stuff.

Sooo, what the hell is going on? Hmm.. I worked with Francis on a new skin for a demo we did to some AOL peeps. It went really really well. Francis and I got mad props for speaking to them on their level. To say the least, we were a big hit.

I'm working on two different new skins for Winamp3 at this point. One will probably never see the light of day and that it's for more bullshit internal politics. The second is a Winamp-styled version of that first skin we demo'd. It's great to be skinning and learning a lot of cool new things about how the technology we're creating will be used. It's a great feeling actually.

Amanda is hopefully back from her trip to Spain, hurray! I look forward to seeing her again. Once she's back into her regular swing out here...

I have to say, the .plan has been traditionally a place where I seem to go off on rants. I am afraid to report that life is officially good. The weather is amazing, the pool is rocking, my friends are amazing, and my work is great. To top it off, I'm seeing fantastic woman. Life is indeed, great.

Enough with my happy bullshit. I'll speak to you all soon.


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