Tuesday, June 5, 2001


Hmm, people have been giving me a hard time for not doing this. Probably because they're all obsessed over me or something. Hehe. I don't know exactly why I haven't been updating my .plan. Probably because I've just been bored or something. Who knows...

I got a new camera... I'm really happy about it. It takes great photographs and it's super small.. It's the Canon Powershot S110. It's the same size as my Elph 2 which is not a digital camera.

Here are some of the first photographs that I've taken with my new camera. click here to see them...

I'm going to be going to LA in a few weeks. I have a wedding to go to. That should be quite interesting. I'm going with Taline. I asked her to come with cause I know that we'll have a lot of fun just laughing and what not. It'll be an interesting experience. That's for sure.

It's been kinda nice, I haven't touched a line of code for the site in a few weeks at least. I've been writing word documents and emails. I feel like a manager or something. Heh. I'll start working again the moment I don't feel burned out anymore. I do this to myself once in a while I guess... Something I'll have to just get passed I guess.

We had a party at our house the other day. That was kinda nice. The weather was simply beautiful. We had people in the pool and out on the deck. It was definately a chill-out day.

The next few weeks should be a lot of fun I think. I'm going to vegas at the end of the month just for fun I guess.. Sounds like a year of traveling for steve or something. Heh.

Anyway, it's getting late and I gotta get to the office early tomorrow. Good night.


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