Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Sad Times.

This past few weeks have been quite a the rollercoaster. Emotions have run from high to low ever so dramatically. Between the lay offs and the personal dilemmas I've faced this month, I'm looking forward to the period of happiness and tranquility with open arms.

For the most part, this past week was a lot more calm and controlled. The initial shock is starting to subside and those of us who are still left in the picture are trying to work as fast as we can to help clean up the mess after the tornado tore our world to shreds.

I've said this to a few but I believe it more and more. Those of us that are remaining are most likely the crew that's going to go down with the ship. I think that if there is another "round" of layoffs in the future, it will prove to be the final nail in our coffins and probably throw "Nullsoft" into non-existance. But who knows if there will even be another round of layoffs anytime

This weekend I came down with a horrible chest cold. In fact, all of my roommates did. It's vicious and I hope no one else gets it. Anyone have any good ideas for some remedys?

I Need to get some rest if there's any chance that I'm going to get up tomorrow morning an drive to the city. Good night.

PS: We made it on fuckedcompany today! Hurray! At least someone noticed us :)


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