Monday, December 3, 2001

Forum Madness.

So working from home has it's perks, we all know that. One is, it's allowing me to take a five minute break and write in my .plan which I miss oh so much.

Our forums are an interesting place. They are filled with life and magic, but also at times with chaos and anarchy. I've found my self frequently overwhelmed with the flood of craziness when shit goes wrong there. I've even thought to my self that I should just turn the damn thing off since we don't have the man power to give it the love it needs. However, the conditions will change. We'll be hiring someone to take on some developer relations responsibilities and also have that person take an active role in our community and help everyone when help is needed and laugh with everyone when it's time to laugh.

I know that would help Jonathan and myself relax a little and not worry about when and how the next crazy event in our lovely forums erupts into hysteria.

I also wanted to say something. To all the mods that help run the forums, everyone of you, from the tech support forums to the general discussions. We appreciate the work and effort you have put in. We know that some of you are burned out and overwhelmed, we value all the work you have put in, in the past, and that we hope that you can lend a helping hand when you can. But what it comes down to is thanks for caring about everybody including us, without your help, we couldn't even try to pull it off.

On a slightly unemotional note, I love Grand Theft Auto 3. It's the greatest video game ever made.

On a different note, I love Winamp3. The skins that some of you artists and coders are pulling together and proving to be amazing. Thanks for your work and we love what you are all doing.


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