Saturday, March 9, 2002

2 Month Check In

Wow, I really can't believe that's it's been about 2 months or so since I last wrote something here. That's almost ridiculous, considering the track record I used to have with my .plans. It's not that I don't care I just have nothing to really talk about.

What's been going on in my world? Well, the company has split into several different parts where each part has their own tasks to work on. I'm in the Web Properties division of the company. What does that mean? nothing to you since I'll still be working on Winamp. I just won't be doing the same kinds of things I have in the past.

The site has not fallen by the wayside but it's not getting new functionality either. After the monster layoffs that happened, it was really unclear how we were going to do anything on ever again. That's changed quite a bit and we have a person named Wen who's doing the work now. The good thing is that with Daniel and Kyles departure, the site was literally crashing on a daily basis, Wen's got it to a point where it doesn't seem to crash it at all.

So what's coming? Well, Wen's working on the changes he needs to make to be able to have our website accept skins and components for Winamp3 to be submitted by our users. He is also going to be fixing our stupid search engine that powers are skins and plug-ins search. Hopefully it won't suck as bad as it has been for the past year or so.

We hired a replacement for Denny. Denny decided that he wanted to go waste his time persuing college chicks by doing the whole school thing, silly Canadian. The new hire, another Canadian, named Gislain has come in to take over and actually do some work. Since Gislain is to hard to pronounce, please just refer to him as Aus (his nickname). I'm actually happy about hiring him, he seems like he'll be a good fit and get the job done.

Winamp3 is coming along, Beta3 was released a few weeks back. It was a good release, at least in my opinion. Don't ask when the next release will happen, I can't really tell ya.

How about my personal life. Did you know that there are specific companies that pull out dents out of your car and that's all they do? I had two nasty dents in my car that I got pulled out and I didn't need any repainting or anything for $160. I was stoked. DentPro is the name of the company, I definitely recommend them.

Sharon is a freaky freaky girl. She's as crazy as I am but can be more reserved and withdrawn than I ever could be. She has a very high tolerance for annoyance and loves to laugh.

What else? Nothing much that I can think of, in fact I can barely think at all. I should probably head off to bed or something.

Oh well.

Good night.


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