Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Germ is WHAT?

Today's quote of the day...

<CraigF> germ is gay

I'm not sure if it's true or not (and not that it matters) but might as well just throw it out there as a topic of discussion.

So I'm in LA. Everytime I come back here I realzie why I dislike this place so much. At the moment, I really dislike the fact that there's just nothing to do here. All you can do for fun is basically go and be with your friends in a restaurant or something. Last night, I went and hung out at a Denny's with Koko and Edward. We just sat around and shot the shit. That's what I call a "blast" in LA.

I'm anxious to get this E3 business over with already. I'm sitting here trying to focus on work but this place is sucking my will to live.

Just four more days and you can be back at home. FOUR MORE DAYS. STAY CALM EVERYONE.


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