Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Bill and Ted in Santa Cruz

On Sunday I went to downtown Santa Cruz with Sharon. That was a lot of fun. We had some thai iced teas, went to see a movie called "enigma" and then we came home. While we were down there, I got a chance to go to Borders and buy two of my favorite movies of all time for a killer price.

First off, I got Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. What a great great film.

Little bit of trivia, but all of the Nullsoft servers used to be named after characters from that movie. I think that Genghis is the only one remaining from that time though. We once had, bill, ted, rufus, missy, lincolin, napoleon, genghis, and finally freud.

This week, during our weekly meeting, Dave Porter, our QA guru identified a key phase in all project development. It's affectionately called the "Fucko" stage. Basically, you know that a project is finally nearing completion when you enter the "Fucko" stage. We haven't quite reached
that yet, but it's good he pointed it out.

The quick definition to it is that when you get to a point where you're actively trying to remove all the obscenities and profanity from the code, you know the project is almost done.

It seems that it's an unavoidable habit here that all of our coders must add as many offending items into the internal builds as possible. It's like it helps them maintain sanity or something. It's just funny when VP's and directors then get a chance to play with our product and of course they want to see the latest and greatest, so with that, they also get to see things like the infamous naked Santa, the "gay" buttons, and also the random bits of cursing like "fucko" added in
random places.

I can't wait for users to begin reporting obscure error messages which tell all sorts of horrible things about themselves. It's only a matter of time the way I look at it.

Regardless, with all that said, I must get back to my original focus, being the movies that I bought. The other movie I bought was Airplane. That's a favorite. I tried to also find Top Secret! but it wasn't available.

With that said, I'm gonna get into bed and watch Airplane.

Good night.


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