Thursday, June 13, 2002

Death of a Grandma

Doh! Grandma went off to a better place this morning. Her health's been failing for quite some time now, so it wasn't a surprise or anything, but it still sucks. Too bad I didn't even get a chance to say good bye or anything.

I'm heading to LA on Monday or Tuesday for the funeral. I think I'll probably get back sometime the following week, I'm expecting on Monday or something. I don't know . Good thing my schedule is such that it isn't going to be to detrimental to anything.

Shucks, death sucks.


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  1. I hear you!!!! My grandma died just a week ago. She lived with us for 18 yrs and i did get to say goodbye but it was so painful watching her go.. I just wanted to say that I feel the same way not surprised not cheated just that it sucks and that i wish she wasn't gone. Just sending a note out....I feel the same way!