Friday, June 7, 2002

Work work work.

Wow, when was the last time I did an update at 5:00AM? By my count, at least a year or so. What do you owe this great occasion to? Well, me and the boys are all up working on Winamp3 right now at Brennan's house. This is the second Thursday in a row that we've done this and frankly, it's starting to wear me down big time.

I think I'm probably going to take a nap in a little while. I was supposed to have a meeting of some sort tomorrow but there's just now way in hell that I'm going to be around for any fucking meeting. If no one can understand that, then fuck them I guess.

I miss my bed at nights. It totally bites balls when you're just far enough that it's not really feasible to try to go home just to hop in your bed.

I'm starting to see how much of a toll Winamp3 is really taking on all of the team. We're all quite irritable and we find reasons to snap at each other quite too often. I think that the tensions are higher than they've probably ever been, at least in terms of most of the group. I'm looking forward to the day that this release date is behind us and Winamp is just out there and being used by people. We're not too far off and this is always just the hard part.

Anyway, I can't think anymore. I'm gonna nap.


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