Saturday, July 6, 2002

Specificity Sucks

I was going to talk about a specific subject, but now, after thinking about it some more, I decided that it's probably not a good idea cause of one reason or another.

Anyway, on to another subject I guess.... Today, I went to the beach with Sharon. We had a great time. We went down to go buy a frisbee and watch a movie and then go to the beach, but little did we realize that we both had forgotten to bring our wallets. What a bunch of schmucks we are. So we scrounged up all the change that was available in Sharon's car and came up with $10. Quite a lot for just being change that has accumliated in the back seat of someone's car...

So we took the ten bucks and headed to the toy store on the main drag and bought an original Frisbee. The cashier was not happy to see the fact that we had brought him nothing more than quarters, nickels, and dimes. After we spent a short 5 minutes counting up right amount of change, we headed to the Thai restaurant across the street and got ourselves some watered down shitty Thai iced-teas. We got to sit around and act like a couple of dorks though, so that was kinda fun.

After that, seeing that we had pretty much spent all the money we had, we went down to the beach and played Frisbee for a 3 hours or so. THAT was a lot of fun. I hadn't played Frisbee in years. While we were playing, we made a new friend named Thomas, he's from Sacramento... He and his homies had driven down to watch the fireworks. Good for them I say. Swell lad.

After that was all said and done, we decided to just head home. When we got there we made rad ass Tuna-Melt. That was good stuff. I'm off to bed for me. Good night my friends.


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