Thursday, August 8, 2002

Winamp 3... Tada!

Okay, so Winamp3 has finally hit the streets. It's funny to see that our biggest competitor is Winamp2. That's comforting I suppose. It's frankly a little irritating to me that people are expecting it to be as light-weight as Winamp2 when it can do about 10 times more things. This is a next generation product, these are some of the prices you pay. When Winamp2 was released, it wasn't all that lite on resources either you boys and girls. It was actually even more resource and memory intensive than Winamp3 is with today's hardware. It's just that you guys are all spoiled with the advances in computers that you've forgotten.

It doesn't matter. If Winamp3 doesn't suit your needs, stick to Winamp2, it's not going anywhere and will continue to get developed off and on. So you'll continue to get your updates. You'll eventually get to the point where Winamp3 is just going to be too compelling to ignore.

Regardless, we'll work on the issues as they come up and we'll continue to include the changes to make this player better and better. On a side note, I think the lesson I should learn this year is... "If you want something bad enough, you can get it..." There were like three subtle things that happened throughout this evening that has reinforced this concept for me and I'd just like to share that with ya.

Okay, time for bed. Good night, and thanks for all the support from our loving users.


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