Monday, September 2, 2002

Happy Birthday Sako

Oh man, what a weekend this was. Jebus, it's been nuts. But damn, was it fun. Saturday was awesome. We went down to San Lorenzo river and laid around lazily and floatin' down stream. We went and climbed up on rock formations and jumped into watering holes. It was simply amazing.

Later on, while floating down the river, we ran into a nudist. He was an old man, sporting his silver hair and wrinkly face. He seemed very excited to see us, and there was no pun intended. We introduced ourselves and talked to one another as though we had known eachother our entire lives.

His name was Marvin, like Marvin Gaye, without the Gaye as he said. He was a man who spent much of his time roaming California. Spending much of his time in Northern California between Silver Creek and Lake Tahoe. He told us of his life, his businesses, and lost loves. We talked about our history, life, love, religion, you know the typical stuff ;)

Farther down the river, there was two other nudists. One of them, a rather peculiar fellow, apparently a university professor at UCSC, or so he implied was very loud spoken. He criticized us for not being nudists and tried time and time again to convince us that his way of life has made him feel free and more relaxed. Although we appreciated his point of view and his opinions, he failed to appreciate our desires to not expose ourselves for our own reasons.

It was humorous to see the professor and Marvin get into an argument over nudism and the entire nudist scene in the area. Marvin, the classic "old guy" was convinced that he had the edge on the professor because he had lived in the area for over 20 years. The professor, convinced that he just knew "better" was just trying to shut Marvin up any chance he got. It was like watching two male moose butt heads trying to exclaim to the rest of the herd that he was now the leader. Who won in the end? It doesn't matter. They were both naked.

Today I feel much more relaxed than I have in a while. In the morning, I was running through a bit of indecisiveness and confusion. I was beginning to drive poor Sharon. We finally decided to go home, and once that happened, it made it all better. We swam in the pool for a little bit, followed by heading to the grocery store for some food and then we rented Dog Town and Z-boys.

I tell ya what, it was a great movie. now I'm off to lala land. Before I leave you, I definitely recommend going and swimming in a river and running into nudists. It'll make your whole weekend.


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