Saturday, October 5, 2002

Active Day

Man, Beck's new album, Sea Change, totally rocks. I mean I've been listening to it non-stop for the past few days and it's so good. Beck is good. Very good.

A bunch of us went to go see Red Dragon last night. I must say, good fucking movie. It was much better than the fucked up Hannibal movie that they put out last year. The thing that I liked more about this movie than the last was the fact that it wasn't so gruesome. It was just highly suspenseful. It's kinda funny how the musical score will totally set the movie's tone.

Today we went to the Highlands Games. This is basically a Scottish festival based out of a park nearby called the Highlands park. It was pretty cool. Good food, good music, and good fun. There's nothing more entertaining than watching a 250lbs man throw a 200lbs piece of wood 10 feet. The thing that I'll most likely remember today for would be the chills that bag-pipe music gives me. I'm not entirely sure as to why it gives me chills, it just does.

Just to talk about work a little bit. I'm super excited about all the shit that we're working on. I feel as though all the right people are here and that we're being fully supported for the things that we're doing. It's just really exciting. By the way, for all of you who hate those god damned AOL icons that get dropped on your desktop with the Winamp3 install, they won't be in future versions of Winamp! YAY!

We've been working on the 3.1 release of Winamp3 and it's been going rather well. We're going to be doing another release real soon, one that just fixes 3 security bugs that we were made aware of and also removes the AOL icons, expect it shortly. :)

Don't start asking us for when 3.1 will be out, it'll be out when it's ready. Besides, if you know where to look, you'll probably be able to get your hands on the beta builds of it that come out every so often. I wonder what people think of the Winamp3 UI. It's definitely a cleaned up version for Winamp2, but are people looking for something different? I mean, it's been basically the same look and feel for the past 3 years. I personally think that this UI is pretty solid. It's easy to understand and fast. Maybe people are looking for something more though. I don't know, we should probably conduct some type of surveys or something to try and find out.

Anyway, I'm going to go off and go play Battlefield 1942. See ya later.


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