Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Happy Birthday Taline

Happy birthday Taline! You're a whole 22 years old now! Hurray! (Taline is one of my dearest
friends, even though I don't talk to her as much as I'd like to anymore)

I feel kinda funny right now. I caught this nasty cold which is making me feel like total crap. I took some Tylenol Cold, and that's actually helping quite a bit, but it's putting me in a really weird mood. Silly me. I would almost be willing to say it's making me feel happy, or more love than I would usually feel.

Let's list out the top things that I love right now:

1. My mom, dad, brother, girlfriend.
2. My friends (the people in nullsoft are included)
3. Driving my old nissan and listening to K-Earth in LA.
4. Bowling at Hollywood Star Lanes.
5. Listening to really good music (Beck's Sea Change is really good)
6. Laying in bed with the window open and hearing the rain out side.
7. Walking outside our house and seeing the view
8. Getting emails from Winamp users telling me how much they love Winamp.
9. Santa Cruz, Ca and redwood trees.
10. Eating food that I make.

I think that's a pretty healthy list. I'm now going to go to bed as I feel a little delirious. Good
night. I love you all.


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