Thursday, March 13, 2003

Burning Bush

This country is going down in flames. Someone, please help us. Bush is a lunatic. The Republicans are out of control. I'm amazed at how little regard Bush has for the citizens of this country and the countless other countries who are opposing the policies of this administration.

With the countless protests, the strict stance against a possible war in Iraq, and the world wide outcry for peace, none of it makes a lick of difference to this administration. Bush and his drones are nothing more war mongers of the worst kind. It's amazing the history being made. The first president to not be elected, but appointed by the Supreme Court, than undoes so much of the enviornmental good, trashes the economy, demands war, begins to overturn abortion, and then tries to sweep under the rug all the forward movement made since the creation of the UN. This maniac tries to downplay North Korea when they pose a threat much larger than Iraq could possibly ever pose.

Bush is NOT MY PRESIDENT. I look forward to him stepping down at the next presidential election.


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