Thursday, March 20, 2003

Going to War

It's official. Here we go, we're going into war. I've been talking about the subject with many of my friends about whether we're doing the right thing or not. I've heard many opinions. It's hard to say what the right course of action is.

Do I feel that removing Saddam is necessary? Yeah, I think I do. Remove him under the belief that he's a threat or connected to terrorist organizations like Al Queda? No, that's bullshit. He's not a threat to this country. He's a threat to those around him and his own people. His disregard for human life is a reason to remove him. The fact that the our administration is trying to build support with minimal evidence under pretenses that don't add up is blasphemous.

The man is a horrible leader who has deprived his nation basic human rights. He's an evil that should have been removed years ago. I am infurated that our government would try and have us and the rest of the world beleive that he should be removed because he's a threat to the rest of us.

Anyway, I hope that this war is swift. I think that the saddest side effect of this is that this has been a huge step back for diplomacy and the U.N. Bush basically told the world that the U.N. doesn't mean shit and that all that progress made since it's inception is meaningless.

Whatever, I'm going to play some video games and get my mind off this.


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