Wednesday, March 5, 2003

The Infamous Button

Today was an interesting day. not because anything great happened, but something stupid happened. I was in a meeting with a bunch of execs and peers and what not. It's a monthly meeting that happens for us all to get together and talk about all the cool shit we're all working on.

Anyway, the funny thing that happened was as I was reviewing Winamp with everyone, I had a screenshot of a new version of the Winamp client up, and Justin and Christophe had decided to call a particular button the "Do Shit" button. I had of course forgotten about that button at this point. I had the words "Do Shit" the size of my head being projected up on the wall. To say the least, it was both uncomfortable and funny at the same time.

Hmm, I think Rob got me sick. My nose is starting to get congested and I'm starting to get a head ache. I get very angry when I get sick, it makes me want to kill. Well, not literally kill, but I do get pretty mad :)

I bought a digital camera and an underwater diving kit for it so that she could take it scuba diving. Unfortunate, the company that I bought the underwater kit from really screwed up my order. They got it out to me a month after I ordered the thing to start it off. Once I got the thing, I gleefully open the UPS box to find the underwater case strewn into the box, and the box for the case open with it's contents spread out through the UPS box.

Then, low and behold, to top it off, the box says the case is the model I ordered, but the camera case it self is actually a different model. They sent me the WP-DC500 when I ordered the 600. What does it mean? Well, it means that the camera case they sent me is too big for my camera.

Fortunately, I called them and they were totally willing to help me out. Unfortunately, in the interest of time, I had to order another one from them, and they were going to send me a box to put the one I have in and send it back. Totally ridiculous. Oh well, I just hope I get what I actually ordered.

Okay, time for bed I think. I'm going to go make some nice herbal tea and go to bed.

Nite nite.


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