Sunday, March 30, 2003

Major Asshole, I mean Sargent.

I've had a very interesting thread of emails going with a marine sargent since I posted my .plan about how I think our administration is waging this war under false pretenses. He basically started out telling me that I'm wrong for saying what I'm saying and that the soldiers out there right now are out there with the goal of liberating the Iraqi people and that's all that matters.
Bashing on the war is unjust and unfair for all those who are dying for that cause.

The argument over time morphed into whether or not it is a good idea for me, as a U.S. citizen to be questioning and disagreeing with the administration in a forum that is accessible from anyone, anywhere in the world. That I should be expressing my opinions, here, in the U.S. rather than writing about it somewhere everyone can read, including our soldiers, and give the idea that we as a nation are being held hostage by our leadership. Granted I'm exaggerating it a bit, but basically, that's the notion.

I've tried to make it very clear over and over again that I'm not necessarily against this war. I'm against the way the war was started, the rushed sense of urgency created by our leadership. I'm against the fact that the U.S. has now basically made it seem that the U.N. is unimportant and that all the progress made towards a world government thus far have now been set back. I'm pissed off that this government, in order to gain support, has tried to convince
us using circumstantial evidence at best for Iraq ties withal Queda and that Iraq indeed has "weapons of mass destruction." I'm against the fact that members our administration is hooking up their buddies at their old posts in companies in the U.S. to go and rebuild Iraq when we go in there and destroy their already weak infrastructure.

This war is extremely frustrating because it was rushed. The due process set forth by the U.N. was not followed, for no other reason than President Bush claiming that he's "running out of patience". How do you run out of patience when the welfare of millions of people on the other side of the world are at stake. How do you run out of patience when ~200 countries across the globe are denouncing the war before it has even started. On top of that, protests, larger than any other in the history of man are saying "NO WAR", our President is quoted as saying "listening to these protests is like me listening to focus groups." It's simply blasphemy.

One of the many good points that this sargent did bring up that I'd like to share with you is this. The choice of not having a war is no longer an option. This type of unrest and upheaval does not help those soldiers already out there. When they only hear that there are thousands upon thousands of poeple who are objecting to this war doesn't help their morale. Those people are there believing that they are there to help make Iraq a better place and we're not helping them by protesting the war. I hear that. But I feel compelled not to take heed to that for one reason alone. If the protesting that I'm a part of has the potential of ending the war one day earlier and sparing the lives of those who might be lost with this war, than it's worth it.

I do believe that we as a nation have to do whatever it takes to make sure that our soldiers come back to a place that is accepting and appreciates the sacrifices that they make. They did not choose to go to war, they are following the orders that are handed to them. Their loyalty and resolve to completing those orders is extremely valued. None of what they are doing is in question. I only question those who are giving them the orders.

Anyway, this is enough of this for me.


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