Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Motherly Nature.

Okay, so maybe I'm over reacting. I was just thinking about what put me off tonight while I was flossing my teeth and I realized something.

All the things about my mom that I hate, I'm doing here. I'm nitpicking and nagging until I get what I want and it's only putting the people I work with into a position where they want to push me away. Ugh. This sucks. How did I let that happen.

I think a lot of my frustration comes from pressure from expectations of me. I didn't ask to become a product manager. It was pretty much dropped on my lap. Now, people expect me to do all these things to get the job done, but no one realizes that the people I have to work with to get that job done don't want to work in that way.

Working with these expectations of me makes it impossible to "plan" for the future. These guys are incredibly smart, but they're also very picky about what they want to do.

Anyway, I'll figure something out. I have to or I'm just going to quit. The way things are currently is unbareable.


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