Monday, March 31, 2003

Oh Joy! They Really Really Hate Me!

I enjoy when people feel compelled to email me and tell me they disagree with what I have to say. It's amazing that the things I write even matter to people, as if I'm some authority on any of these matters.

Anyway, on to something else. Something a little less controversial. I am the proud owner of a Treo 90 from Handspring. Unfortunately, the backlight on the LCD display went out on the device, and Handspring graciously replaced it. Now, I got the replacement, and after not being even a month old, the stylus holder refuses to hold it in place. Handspring again is sending me out another unit. I love their service but am a little concerned about what's going to happen when I get my device and my warranty runs out in July.

Anyone else been seeing these kinds of issues with their Treo's out there? Or is it just bad luck?

Anyway, I'm out. I've got a lot of work to do today.


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