Monday, March 24, 2003

Winamp 2.90

We released Winamp 2.90 to the forums the other day, incase you didn't know. It's includes some really solid features. There's work that remains to be done for sure, but it's moving along extremely fast.

Expect more releases over the next several months as we work towards making Winamp king shit again.

I am exhausted from activity. I was in LA a week ago, came back, did some hectic training in Mountain View. Then this weekend, I spent it in Monterey Bay, getting my SCUBA certification. That was highly exhaustive. Two days of lectures and gearing up in a swimming pool. My body is thoroughly pissed off.

I also ended up getting drunk on Friday and Saturday night. That didn't appease my body's anger by any means. I was letting loose some beer farts all day saturday, the kind that makes your eyes squint because it's so thick in oder and muster. Suffice to say, NOT good times.

Only thing I hate about having really active weekends is the fact that when Monday rolls around, you feel like you didn't have a moment to rest. That's a bit frustrating. I usually am fine if I get to just lounge around on Sunday and do my own thing. That didn't end up happening this weekend. Regardless, I'm super stoked that I got this certification thing out of the way. I'm really looking forward to going down under water and checking out what's down there.

I spent some of the weekend on re-doing the Winamp 2 default skin. I basically redrew it cleaning it up. Up until now, it's been using the same graphic files for the past 3 years or so and hasn't had a little face lift in all that time. Justin and I have been going back and forth on specific issues of the design, but I think we're pretty close to resolving them at this point. I'm not sure if the new skin will make it into 2.90, maybe it will.

Okay, I've got a boat load of stuff to do today. No more mucking around.


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