Saturday, April 5, 2003

Birthday Plans Postponed

Today is the day that my girlfriend wanted me to have my birthday celebration. So the big surprise that she had arranged for me was that she got a bunch of my friends to come with me sky diving today. Unfortunately that didn't work out so it's been postponed for a little while until everyone's schedule works out to match.

Tomorrow I'm going to do my check-out dives for Scuba. I can't wait. Once all this stuff is done and I get my certification, I'm all ready to go diving in Catalina. I'm so excited it's not even funny.

Today, Sharon, myself, Rob, and Ryan hung out in Santa Cruz and rode our bikes around. It was
splendid. We went down by the beach and rode through some small neighborhoods and stuff. Then we went back to Rob's and had some lunch. Then Sharon, Rob, and I went and took Sophie to the dog beach where she played with the other dogs for about two hours. It's always so much fun watching her play and be so happy with the other dogs. It's almost impossible to not have a huge smile on your face.

Sophie is now crashed out on the couch. She has been sleeping since we left the beach at 5:45.
Something tells me she's not really going to get back up to have some fun until sometime tomorrow afternoon. Good that we wore out the little runt.

Claire and Tom are now making me a birthday cake and they ordered a pizza to come up here later tonight. Rob's probably going to head up here later and we're all probably going to hang out and get nice and drunk. Sounds like my idea of a good time.

Okay, enough me being anti-social. Later.


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