Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Birthday Plans

This has definitely been an interesting week. This last weekend, I found out my birthday plans. A select group of my friends and I were to go sky-diving. Unfortunately, it didn't happen because Tom, Justin, and Francis were all ill. We're probably going to try and make it happen when I get back from Catalina.

Speaking of which, I'm so excited to be going. I'm leaving on Monday to go for 6 days, 5 nights. I look forward to finally starting to SCUBA diving. I also am looking forward to not doing a single thing for a week. Just spending the time relaxing and not thinking about work or anything else that troubles me in life. Oh goodness it's going to rock.

Last Sunday we took Sophie (the house dog) to the dog beach again. It's SOO much fun to take her there. I tell you, if you have never done it, take your dog to a dog park or somewhere where many dogs get to go and play. It's both adorable and extremely hilarious at the same time. The dogs do at times team up and pick on some dogs, but all in all, they seem to always be in great spirits. Just watching the joy and excitment that they get from sniffing one another's butts really can make your day.

Some people have noticed that our forums are down. We know, our operations people are on it and should have it back up sometime soon. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Other than that, I've been really happy lately, despite the stresses and craziness of work. I'm just looking forward to getting started on the site and client redesign plans for Winamp 5.

Okay, gotta go to bed because I'm hitting the office tomorrow, yet again...



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  1. who cares nite nite how old are u like in ur 20s pratt