Thursday, April 3, 2003

Bowling for Columbine

Last night I went to go see Bowling for Columbine. Wow. As Dave Newton puts it, it's a very important movie to see. The movie really shifted my perspective on various issues. It pointed out things that I had never really noticed before.

When I moved away from LA, I tried to tell my friends how different the world is outside of there. They didn't seem to get it. When you're in it, surrounded by it, it's extremely difficult to see what's real and what's fake. I think that this movie points out that very concept. It tells us that, we as citizens of this country, don't see the big picture, what's really happening all around us because we're in it. Knee deep, and it's really at a place that if you don't take a step back, you'll never realize it.

I urge everyone to go see this movie. It's really one of those movies that only come out once in a blue moon and really make a difference on you.

On a lighter note. Winamp 2.9 is out. It rocks. So far, we've had overwhelming positive feedback from you, our users. It's been great to see that people really see that we're trying to make some really kick ass powerful software. If you don't have it yet. I recommend that you go download it. You won't be let down.


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