Thursday, April 24, 2003


Happy Armenian Genocide day. Today is the day that the
Armenian Genocide began in 1915. It is said that on this
day, the Ottoman Turkish leader, Ataturk, ordered the
slaying of all the top leaders, authors, poets, and
intellectuals of the Armenian culture living in Turkey
at the time.

Once this order was completed, the Turkish army was said
to be ordered to round up all the Armenian men, women,
and children and collected. Some were said to be raped,
others beaten. I've been told that they were then taken
and forced to march across the harsh lands of eastern
Turkey to the west, without food nor water. I've heard
that those who survived the death marches were then
collected near a lake, I forget the name, for a mass
execution. It was said that there remained a mountain
of bones and the lake filled with the blood of those
masacred. Throughout the course of the military act,
over 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered.

It was the first of ethnic cleansing act of the century
and is one of the tragic points in the history
of any culture. To this day the Turkish government has
yet to acknowledge the Genocide as something that was
part of it's dark past.

In a speech to an inner circle of the Nazi party, Hitler
was quoted as saying "Today, who remembers the Armenian
massacres?" when confronted by Armin Wegner in regards to
Jewish Holocaust. Many people around the world celebrate
this day to remember those whose lives were taken away, and
to hope that ethnic cleansing is stopped everywhere.

That's my rant for the day.

Good night :)


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