Monday, May 5, 2003

Cinco De Mayo

I can't believe Apple. The figured out a way to use
the fact that they're an underdog to their advantage.
Case in point, the iTunes Music Store. It's not a
secret that all the record labels have been pissed
off and shaking in their boots since the rise and
fall of Napster. Record sales drop 15% anually, with
no releif in sight.

Beleive it or not, but services, like Pressplay don't
suck because of the technology. They suck because the
labels haven't been willing to let these tech companies
sell music the way users want to consume it. It's been
always said that people will buy music, you just gotta
give it to them in the way that they want it. Anyway,
Apple finally proved that digital distribution is the
way of the future. They set the example and the new
bar for what online media distribution should be.

Good for them, I'm happy that finally someone was able
to get the point across. With a million dollars of
music sold within the first week of it's launching, I'd
say that it's pretty damn clear that not only are users
interested in these services, they're thirsty for it.
Shit, I bought $50 worth of music on Saturday from the
iTunes Music Store and it fucking rocked. It was mostly
everything that I've wanted in a digital music store.

There were definite areas for improvement and growth but
I trust that now that the service has a name for itself,
it will rapidly evolve and become the Amazon of digital

Congrats Apple and thanks for making the game a whole
lot easier for the rest of us.


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