Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Slacker Time

It's been over a week since I last wrote. I really need to
pick up the writing again. I'm such a slacker sometimes.

You know, it's funny, when you think that you can't possibly
be more slammed from work, they just ask for more and all
you can do is stay there with your mouth open, simply
amazed. Basically, for the past month or so I've been so
unbelievably busy with work. You know, when you have so much
to do and no clear idea of where to start, or more so, you
can't figure out where to start cause you're just so over-
whelmed. That's where I am right now. There is this one
particular thing that I have to do, write some stupid
document that I do not want to write AT ALL. It's in fact
killing me how much I don't want to work on it. It's sucking
the life out of my poor soul.

About a week ago I bought this new LCD screen. It's a Dell
2000FP. It fucking ROCKS. I realized that I was so stupid
for not buying one long ago. It's so much better on my eyes,
and the picture is so unbelievably clear. Every time that
I turn it on, I get a smile knowing that I spent that money
well. If you've been thinking about getting an LCD for a long
time, then I suggest you go buy one RIGHT NOW.

What else. In other news, I heard that the new Mac g5's are
coming out this summer. I've been thinking about buying a
new Mac for a long time now, and the only thing that's keeping
me from doing so is the anticipiation of the new Mac's. The
day that Apple announced the 2GHz mac, I'm buying it. I figure
it will dwarf my poor g4 450MHz to the point that it's probably
worth the dough.

Whatever, I'm done jibber jabberring at this point. One last
note. If you don't own Battlefield 1942, then go buy it now!
And if you do own it, go download Desert Combat
(desertcombat.net). It's the most amazing add on to an already
wonderful game. I can't stop playing it. I played this game
tonight for 6 hours straight. It was completely worth the time

Now I'm off to bed.

Good night.


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