Tuesday, June 3, 2003

When it shits...

Oh boy, when it shits, it storms around here. Many
things come to those who wait, some are good some
are bad. Something that I've learned about working
here over the past few years is that shit seems to
go in cycles. Things go good for a while and then
things take a turn for the worse.

Each time this cycle takes place, the peaks and
valleys get more dramatic. Each time this take place
I wonder how much more it will take before the whole
fucking thing explodes and fragments of the former
well oiled machine go flying in every direction. It
seems we have turned to one of those so called low
points. How low will things go? Not sure yet, we
haven't bottomed out yet. When will I find out? My
guess is sometime this week, maybe early next.

Regardless, this little theory of mine seems to
hold true. I keep being provided more and more data
to indicate so. Are we at the point where all is
lost, or do we have another round of up swings to
get us through? Well, I hope things don't end up
in the gutter, really I do.

I think to my self sometimes, fuck it, I could go
do somethine else if I really hate this. But one
thing is for sure, if you go work for any big
company, you should always realize that shit will
only get worse from the day you got hired, it's
just the direction the shit flows my friends. Seems
kind of sad, but true.

That's my 2 cents of depressing corporate america


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