Saturday, August 16, 2003

I hate work.

Over the past two years, through re-org after
re-org, they made each of us report to different
groups. By this, I mean, they divided and
conquered our little group. We don't nearly have
as strong an impact when we try and say what we
think about things.

That said, recently, someone in my "group" that
I report through ended up leaving the company to
work for a competitor. That said, instead of
hiring someone to replace her, what ended up
happening is they split her old task across the
group of people I work with.

Suffice to say, I now hate what I do. I mean, I
still get to work on Winamp, but they've turned
my love for working here into misery. The new
project that is part of my task list sucks my will
to live every day. I had never been in a position
where I dreaded waking up Monday mornings to start
working, but now I do. Infact, I dread waking up
every morning.

To top it off, the groups that I have to deal
with are all based in Europe, which means that
I have to be awake and functional by 8:00AM because
I'm on the phone speaking with these teams. It's
driving me fucking nuts. I curse the person who
left and made my life hell. I curse you. Curse.

Now that I'm done bitching. I can talk about other
things. For example, I just bought the new Canon
Powershot SD100 camera from Amazon. I curse you.
I'm waiting for it to arrive, but I'm very excited.
Also, I'm going to be in Hawaii for 10 days starting
the end of the month. This is going to be very
fun. I finished my scuba certification and I'm
going to use the fuck out of it while I'm there.
I'll be in the water every day playing and diving.

Also, Ryan ended up quitting/getting laid off at
the same time as someone else we work with said
she's taking off to go back to school. So now our
team is down another couple of people. By the way,
if you know anyone in the San Francisco area that
is looking for some contracting work and knows
HTML, xHTML, PHP, CSS, then tell them to email We need someone immediately.
Sorry, we'd like to work with people remotely but
we're doing a site redesign and we need someone on
site to work with us.

It's a beautiful day today. I'm probably going to
down to the beach and take the dog to go play there.
I'm sure she'd appreciate that. In fact, it's '
probably time for me to go.

Good times.


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