Sunday, January 25, 2004

AOL Layoffs

Interesting times. So, as you may have read in the press, AOL laid off a lot of people on the west coast in late December. It was pretty traumatic. Nevertheless, we've managed to pull through and now have reached a point where things are now moving again.

The San Francisco office is closing down tomorrow. It's really funny to me that with all the conflict we had with Spinner when we first moved in, we're the ones who get to shut off the lights at their own office. Pretty much no one from the original Spinner is left, I guess that's life in this business.

Also, if you were paying attention, you've now realized that Justin no longer works here. He ended up resigning after an interview with him came out in Rolling Stone late January came out. Ultimately, I'm happy for him. He needed to get away. Ultimately he wasn't happy here and this is the best thing that could possibly have happened.

In other news, Rob's company - Mediacode, was bought by Yahoo and he's now working there with Ian on their next big thing. Good for them, I'm happy to see that they're making loads of progress and having a good time.

As for me, I just got a promotion. I've been working on Winamp and AOL Media Player for some time now and I got recognized for my contributions. It's a good feeling. Plus I like money, so it worked out.

What about Winamp you ask? Well Winamp is continuing to move forward. Winamp 5.03 is coming out on Tuesday. We've got an implementation of Windows Media Audio that doesn't
suck anymore. 5.04 will have a good implementation of WMV as well, so you'll get to use Winamp to listen and watch all those music and video downloads you rent/buy from the various services out there. We're also going to finally do the Media Info Editor some justice and make it not suck anymore too.

Also, on Tuesday, we're going to launch a fairly big updated to Taber and Wen have been kicking the site's ass and it's finally starting to come together.

Basically, it's all good times.



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