Sunday, May 30, 2004

Returning to Sanity

Shantal and Anthony left a little while ago. I decided to take the opportunity to clean up the house, take Sophie to the park, and spend the rest of the evening relaxing. Sophie is lying next to me in her dog bed, sound asleep. I enjoy that.

My friends Don and Erica just had their baby. I look forward to meeting him. I don't believe that he's been assigned a name as of yet. I'm just going to call him Louie. Louie is a sound name. Tomorrow I head to Boulder Creek, to enjoy the fun that is to be had at the Boulder Creek Art and Wine festival. I will likely head out early morning, taking Sophie and perhaps Bonnie (if she's up for it).

Tonight, I'm going to enjoy an evening of watching StarGate SG:1 and relaxing. Maybe I'll even check out some StarGate:Atlantis (is that out yet?).

Evenin' to ya...


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