Friday, May 21, 2004

Round 2... FIGHT!

Okay. So. I never really explained why I was pissed earlier. Basically it has to do with the fact that I'd been on the phone for 2+ hours talking today. This was preceded by the fact that I was in a meeting that lasted over 3 hours yesterday.

I hate it when I'm asked to sit in meetings for extended periods of time. I get restless. I end up wanting to kill people. My brain slowly starts to shut down and I become incredibly irritable. I'm just glad that it's now Friday at ~6:00PM.

Tonight I plan on going out. Not sure exactly where yet. I think I'm going to hang out at the pub down the street from my house called the Shamrock. The place makes me think of Cheers. It's got a strange feel to it, the moment you walk in. Not sure how quite to describe it. I guess it's kind of like a ski lodge.

I initially started going there to just grab a drink. Then I found out that Play the Bay started backgammon Tournaments that I had to attend. Since then, I like hitting the place to just play a game of darts and enjoy a mug of Baileys and Hot Chocolate. This is one place I wouldn't mind be called a "regular."

Anyway, I'm procrastinating in taking the dog to the park. She's been patiently sitting and waiting. She gets quite frustrated when people don't take her. Now she's finally passed out next to me sleeping. I think I'll take her before it gets too dark.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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