Saturday, June 26, 2004

Week in Review...

It's been an interesting couple of weeks. I had been in NYC for a week and got back on Tuesday evening. NYC is an interesting place. It's actually quite beautiful, full of culture, life, and plenty of lovely people. I went and did a bit of sight seeing. Public transportation in Manhattan is very impressive. I took a cab only twice, going to and from the airport. My favorite place in NYC was probably Washington Square. It was the waning hours of the day and there were hundreds of people sitting around the square, listening to music, singing, reading, taking photographs, laughing, and generally enjoying life. It made me extremely happy to be there at that moment in time.

Last Monday morning I flew to AOL HQ and worked on campus that day, preparing for a big presentation on Tuesday. On Tuesday, I spent most of the day in the ballroom at the Reston Hyatt watching the other presentations and waiting my turn. When my turn finally arrived, my coleague Peter Gremett and I did a good job of presenting and all in all, it went off without a hitch. We had a great time presenting, lots of great questions and excitement around my project.

Tuesday, after my presentation, I headed back to SF. I spent the evening with Sharon alone which I was very happy to do. The remainder of the week I spent busting my ass on work related tasks that had been neglected far too long.

Friday rolled around and I got news of Christophe resigning from our team. This is tremendously horrible news. At the moment, much of the Winamp team has dwindled and I'd say the future of Winamp is extremely uncertain. We spent Friday evening drinking and reminicing the past 5 years, talking about all the great times and touching on the bad ones. I am definitely not looking forward to Monday morning, that's for sure.

The rest of Friday was spent drinking and eating. We went from bar to bar and eventually ended up back at my house with everyone to play some music, talk, and have another few. As you might expect, this morning, many of us awoke at noon to hangovers. Nothing a bit of greasy food couldn't clear right up.

Today, I went to the CineArts theatre in West Portal and watched Fehrienheit 9/11, Michael Moore's latest documentary. The documentary was fairly indepth and took the viewer through a brief history of the past 3+ years, talking about how Bush won the election, handled the events of 9/11, went to war with Iraq, and has created a more divided America than ever.

It was entertaining, enlightning, disheartening, and gutwrenching. I recommend that everyone see this movie, whether they are conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat. So often we seem to be spoon fed so much of the information that is handed to us from the news media without question or analysis. Moore's documentary does a fairly deep investigation of the ties between the current administration and many constituants such as Bin Ladin's family, Saudi Arabia, and others.

After watching it, I am deeply saddened by the state of this country. My heart aches for all the families in the US and around the world that have been impacted by the snowball of events caused by the 9/11 attacks. All though i don't agree with everything Moore had to say, I praise him for standing up for what he believes and giving the public an alternative view on the events of the past 3 years. Please go see it. Tell your friends to see it. Tell your family to see it.


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