Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Day Two...

Yesterday was unimpressive. So much so that I couldn´t even remember what I had done just now. We left San Jose early morning and headed off to Quepos. It took nearly the entire day to get here because the driving was slow and getting lost set us back an hour or so.

When we were finally nearing Quepos, our hunger got the best of us. We pulled into this small little restaurant on the side of the road. Not exactly sure how to spell it, but believe the name was Comida Tipica. We had food and beer and continued on our way.

Once we got to Quepos, we checked into a small little hotel for a whopping $9.00 a night. Soon as we all walked into the room, we passed out for several hours. After that brief powernap, we headed out for this great little restaurant near by which was open 24 horas. We had dinner and MORE beer. We finished off the night by exploring the little town, walking from place to place. Adriane tried her luck at a small Casino which resulted in us leaving $20 lighter than entering within minutes. Those bastards.

Today, we had breakfast at the same restaurant and then booked a tour to see ´Monkeys´ on the island. This tour was thus far the best part of the trip. Our guide, Jorge, was seriously amazing. So friendly, he took us out on a boat through the rivers and canals nearby where we saw a huge variety of local flora and many different indigineous animals. By the end of it, we had seen Squirrel Monkey´s, Sloths, Red, Green, and Blue Herrings, a turtle, and more. Half way through the tour, we stopped of at another local restaurant that was fucking delicious. We had us some cocanut flan that was to die for.

Now we´re going to take it easy because we´ve got a white water rafting tour scheduled for tomorrow. Later in the afternoon, we´re going to leave Quepos for Montezuma. This trip rocks.

Hugs and kisses from Costa Rica,


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  1. Koko? Who the hell is Koko?
    Did you adopt a monkey for Sophie to play with?