Monday, August 23, 2004

Home Sweet Home, Almost.

Thank God we made it back home safely.

The last day in Puerto Viejo was pretty much a blur. We woke up that morning and had breakfast at our favorite eatery down the way from our Hotel. Soon after, we decided to start preparing to leave, so we all cleaned up, packed up, and checked out.

After we checked out, we made our way towards a Butterfly Farm that was in the neighboring town of Cockles. This place was a bit of a rip off. The sign said that there were over 70 species of butterfly in the farm, but we saw somewhere between 5-10. We spent probably about 45 minutes there exploring the butterflies. The most interesting thing we saw there was a purple dog. Yes. The owners dog was missing vast wads of fur and had many big purple splotches. It looked as though it was straight out of a cartoon or something.

After the farm, we got back to town, tried to do some last minute shopping, and then grabbed some lunch. After lunch, we made a run for it, trying to get back to San Jose.

The drive to San Jose was fairly uneventful. It took us about 4.5 hours to drive there. On our drive through Limon, we decided to fill up on gas. While filling up, Coralie opened up the back of the car and my Powerbook fell out and onto the cement. She was mortified. I was equally shocked. Fortunately, the laptop worked fine, but the screen didn't properly close anymore and the case was slightly banged up.

Once we got to San Jose, we got lost, YET AGAIN, in that fucking city. It took us probably another hour to find out exactly how to get where we were going. Finally by 10:30, we pulled into the rental car to drop off the car.

At this point, Coralie spent about 30 minutes haggling with the various car rental places attempting to get her hands on a car. Finally, she chose our rental place and got a Toyota Land Cruiser.

We made our way to a local hotel, checked in, and went to sleep.

The next morning, we woke up at the crack of dawn, got in the car and ran to the airport. Surprisingly, the airport was PACKED. We rushed through to grab our tickets and got into the Security Line which was literally hundreds of people long. I found an airport security official and pleaded with him to let us get in front of the line because we were going to clearly miss our flight. He was kind enough to help us out and we all said our goodbyes to Coralie and boarded the plane.

The flight was long, about 5 hours. We pulled into Phoenix Airport on time and blazed through customs. Once we got to the next security check point to catch our plane, I realized that I didn't have my ticket stub for my connecting flight cause Koko and I swapped seats and tickets on the flight. What a mess this was.

We ran all the way to the front desk and they were able to issue us some paperwork that allowed us to pass through security. We ran all the way to the gate, only to realize we were still considerably early.

Once we got on the connecting flight, everything went like a breeze and we landed in San Francisco an hour and a half later.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing in Santa Cruz. What a dream.

I'm glad to have life back to normal.

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