Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Puerto Viejo

So things didn´t work out exactly as planned. We were SUPPOSED to go to the Canopy Tours that next morning. We instead decided to skip the tours and spend the morning in Monteverde.

When we awoke in the morning, we had some breakfast and headed to the Rinario (Pond for Frogs) where we saw many native Costa Rican frogs. This was really cool. We saw and learned about a wide variety of frogs and toads that live throughout Costa Rica. The entire tour was roughly an hour and definitely worth it.

After the tour, we headed for La Fortuna. Fortunately, the road to this city was mostly paved, so the journey wasn´t as terrible, however, it was still a drive. We got there in 2 hours. Getting there, we drove by the humungus Lake Arenal. Once we got there, we checked into our hotel and bolted immediately towards the Hot Springs.

We ended up at a place called Baldi. This place was... beautiful but definitely artificial. Not sure if the water there really came from the springs but was fun nontheless. We spent most of the evening there jumping from pool to pool, all at varrying temperatures. We met a bunch of fellow tourists and had many many good laughs. At one point in the evening, it started to rain, hard. I was some how miraculously able to control the rain. When I plead for more, seconds later, the rain intesified. When I asked for less, it lightened. When it appeared to stop, I demanded it to continue, and so it did. I impressed all those around me with my deep connection with the rain gods.

The next morning, we got up early and headed straight to the airport to pick up Coralie. The drive to San Jose was shorter than we expected, taking about an hour less than what we accounted for. On the way we stopped off at this beautiful little local restaurant for some brunch. The most distinct aspect of this restaurant was the beautiful stream running through the backyard. We saw several butterflies and fell in love with the surroundings.

Once we picked up Coralie, the true fun began. All I have to say is that San Jose is the most fucked up city I have ever been in. We got lost for 30 minutes trying to find one damn freeway. All the locals kept giving us the wrong directions. Finally, it was a stroke of luck that landed us on the right freeway. Once on the freeway, we headed to Puerto Viejo which was on the southern tip of Costa Rica.

This trek across the country took us 4 hours and was filled with rain and swerves of pot holes, and all sorts of bad times. When we finally got there, it was aproaching nightfall. We tried to check into a recommended hotel to be turned away because they were full. We checked out several other hotels with similar issues. Finally we checked into a room that wasn´t bug free, but had a fan.

That night, we went to dinner at a local pub/restaurant where we got drunk of beers and had great pizza. After that, Koko and I stumbled back to our room and slept, whereas the girls stayed out and danced for a few hours.

The next morning, we went exploring the beaches and spent time swimming near the coral barrens. After a couple of hours of this, we decided to check out of our hotel and check into the one we wanted to go to in the first place. This new hotel, called Casa Verde, is the shit. Really REALLY beautiful, safe, and clean. We´re paying more for the room a night than we´ve paid for all our other hotel stays combined. Since we only have a day or two, it was worth splurging a little.

We then headed to breakfast and then down to the beach in Manazilla (sp?). It was fairly overcast this afternoon so swimming out in the ocean wasn´t too brutal on our skin. We stayed at the beach till nightfall. Koko, Sharon, and I, built a pretty awesome sand castle that the locals encouraged us to leave behind. I wanted to destroy it but the local man thought it´d encourage other kids to try building them.

After the beach, we headed to dinner at a place along the way back to Peurto Viejo. This place seemed like a dive restraurant and didn´t have half the the items on their menu. We all ended up ordering Red Snapper which KICKED ASS. It was seriously the best seafood dish of this trip. Fried whole Snapper with Bananna fridas and Rice with Beans. Dee lish.

After dinner, we went home, relaxed, and are now trying to hit the town. The girls are going dancing soon and we´re thinking about joining. Good times.

Damn, we leave in two days.



  1. well while you're having a fun time, Sophie and I discovered a hornets nest in your back yard -- the HARD way.

    I was stung, but your lovely pup is fine. They chased us back into the apartment where I have 4 of them trapped in the living room.

    I took a bunch of aspirin until I could calm down and figure out if I needed to buy a bee kit or not...

    you better bring me back a souvenior or a boyfriend for this!

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