Tuesday, August 10, 2004

We Made It...

Wow. So we made it. The flight about 5 and a half hours to arrive. Apparently the captain of our plane broke his leg and was unable to make it to the flight. So we sat on the runway until a replacement captain arive which took about 30 minutes. Once we were on our way, the flight was fairly uneventful.

We had a person waiting to pick us up and take us to the car rental when we landed. The poor guy (Francisco) sat at the airport for over an hour waiting for our arrival. We blew through imigration and customs and reached our chauffer. After about 20 minutes at the car rental place, we were on our way to our hostel.

It's a miracle anyone can get anywhere in San Jose. There are no street signs posted ANYWHERE. You literally have to get around with the aid of landmarks in order to your destination. Fortunately, our chauffer from the car rental place showed us to our hotel, which we were extremely grateful for.

Once we got here, we had some difficulty getting to the right parking place. We ended up parking in the wrong lot and a security gaurd came out asking our business. We quickly realized we were half a block off and went on our way. When we parked, we were pleasently surprised by the hostel we were staying in. It has a beautiful swiming pool, plenty of lush greenery, and many beds. We checked in and sat outside and talked to some new friends for an hour or so.

We eventually decided that getting to bed would be prudent so we made our way back to our rooms. We got to sleep and are now up at 7:00AM. We're heading off to the south of Costa Rica, I believe to Montezuma. Hopefully we can avoid his curse.

More to come later. Ciao!!


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