Thursday, September 16, 2004

Damn you United Airlines

I made it back to California in one piece. My flight there was a breeze. I was able to relax, and sleep most of the way there. Too bad the flight back wasn't as, uh... comfortable.

So before I rant about United Airlines, let me just say that this wasn't my worst experience flying with them, but it wasn't exactly peachy either.

I ended up flying stand by so that I could leave earlier in the day with hopes of making the Beastie Boys concert that night.

Because there are so many god forsaken people, cars, horses, what have you living in Manhattan, getting TO the airport was quite an ordeal.

By the time I finally got to JFK, I missed my desired flight and was forced to take the one later flight departing at 5:00PM. I love getting to the airport 4 hours before your departure time. You'd think with JFK being as traffiked as it is, they'd have some way of comforting weary passengers. May be some free WiFi or something? Apparently that's too much to ask for cause the United Terminal free of ANYTHING that could be considered pleasureful. I just ended up sitting there, listening to my iPod and zoning out for a few hours.

When I finally boarded, I was DELIGHTED to find that I had ended up getting stuck in a middle seat, even though I asked the person at the counter for a window seat.

Arriving at my row, I KNEW I was going to have a great flight. On my left sat a a relatively large woman who apparently enjoyed getting more of her sandwich on her than in her and on my right, an older gentleman who seemed to have issues with his seat the entire flight.

During the flight, the flight crew kept interupting the in-flight programming to tell us that we should be seated and seat belts fastened because of all the turbulence. Yeah, I really enjoy standing while the plane is shaking and bumping around like a wooden rollercoaster that probably should have been retired. To top it off, they didn't seem to pause the programming, so you'd miss portions of the movie you were watching.

Then came the choices dishes for dinner. You could either get Lasagna OR something that resembles beef. I took the beef, bad choice. Let's just say that my stomach isn't exactly fully settled yet.

By the time the flight was over, my body was so sore, I could barely walk. I had a stiff neck and back.

You'd think that given the current situation that the airlines are in, they'd be trying damn hard to keep your business. What do they do for you? Upgrade your account to Premiere, whoopdi shit. You get to board with first class. How Exciting. You know what I want? I want more leg room. I want more comfortable seats. I want some more space between me and the strangers sitting on either side. I want food that doesn't look like it was regurgitated. You know, the simple things.

To top it off, my flight ended up taking 40 minutes longer than expected, making it worthless to go to the concert after landing.

I*heart*United Airlines.


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  1. Do you know why service and quality is shit? Because we don't pay for it. We're cheap bastards. Old school airlines are dying because of it. Remember when American changed most of their planes to give economy more space? Guess what. They are changing them back. Because, frankly, nobody cares. We take the cheapest flights. Welcome to the future.