Saturday, September 18, 2004

Freeze! Police!

So uh... Yesterday was pretty interesting. I ended up seeing TWO rockin' shows.

Let's start off with the first rockin' show. It's about 3:00PM and I'm getting ready to head to downtown for a meeting with some lawyers. I'm standing in my bathroom brushing my teeth when the entire house gets a sudden jolt. Then another... Then followed by a loud smash, some breaking glass, and a male exclaiming "FREEZE! POLICE!"

I thought to my self, what the fuck is going on. I put on my flip flops and walk outside. There's a crowd of people standing outside my appartment, some dudes with a video camera and boom mic, and one of my neighbors standing outside in his underwear leaning against my car wearing handcuffs.

The police apparently decided to bust down this neigbors door with a hand held battering ram and raid his appartment. Was I at all surprised that this happened? No, not really. From the first week this guy moved in, I knew he was kinda sketchy.

When he moved in, the first thing that he did was cover up all his windows with paper obstructing all view into his appartment. Fairly suspicious looking people would come and go from his appartment all the time.

After about a month of him living there, I barely saw him. I thought that maybe he didn't actually live there, but on several occasions I needed to knock on his door and sure enough he'd answer with a tiny head poking around the door, trying to ensure that all view of his appartment was blocked.

Now, he's gone. The police came in and arrested him, and two other people I had never seen before. The police turned the place upside down. Our landlord had to come and board up the door so that people wouldn't wander in. I haven't seen inside the place but apparently it's a total disaster area.

The second show was one slightly more traditional in nature. The Beastie Boys were in San Francisco playing at the hall in the civic center. Ian and Zoe came up from LA for the show and were gracious enough to get me, Justin, and Alison some back stage passes to the show.

First time I'd ever had that all access pass. We went and hung out with a bunch of seemingly down to earth people, likely all friends or friends of friends of the band. We got to enjoy a small birthday party before the show started of one of the kids.

Around 9:00PM we headed out to grab some seats to watch the show. It was a BLAST. They're such great performers. They had the audience pretty engaged and it looked like everyone was having a good time. There was plenty of pot being smoked and a bunch of people moshing, without anyone getting hurt.

The set was a mix of a lot of older stuff with plenty of new. They performed a few songs from 'In Sounds from Way Out' which owned to watch them live. They're just as talented as a traditional band as they are rappers/singers.

All in all, it was a great evening. After the show we headed over to Justin's, hung out, talked, had a good time.

Some days can be such a trip.


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