Sunday, September 12, 2004

Up at the Ranch

This weekend was pretty fun. I went with Justin and Cody up to Cody's ranch where we had a little guy's camp out.

We left late Friday afternoon and arrived there at night. With only Beef Jerky, chips, salsa, a bottle of Southern Comfort available for consumption, we partied the night away.

We drove around Cody's Honda Pilots in the cover of darkness all through out the local hills. If you're following the lead driver, you're having quite a scary time as you can't see more than a foot in front of you due to the dust.

After we got back, we ended up drinking nearly all the bottle and heading out on Cody's pick-up for a very very VERY slow drive around the hills. Going no faster than 3 miles an hour, Cody still managed to bang up his truck.

Several times that night while sleeping, I awoke from some not so fun dreams. The beds in the cabin were bunk beds and I slept on the bottom. Three times that evening I sat up in my sleep and slammed my head into the bunk above me. Ow.

In the morning, we got some breakfast and headed on the trail. Had a blast. Those fucking things are the shit.

Now I sit at SFO waiting for my flight to NYC. I'm going to be in NYC for the next four days.

This whole traveling to the east coast thing is getting mighty old. I've been doing it a lot lately and it's starting to wear thin. At the very least, I need to start flying business class so that I don't get all cramped up.

I really can't stand sitting in a plan for five hours and not having any room to move. Fortunately, I secured the exit row for this flight, giving me a little more leg room. I also brought GameBoy Advance for the flight, so that should give me something to do while in the air.

With my luck, I'll get to sit next to a 500 lbs man with bad BO, really making this flight enjoyable. I can't wait to get back on Thursday.

Anyway, I better start getting ready to board. I'll be back later.


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