Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Voter Apathy

The presidential campaign is definitely getting interesting. There are polls out suggesting that Bush has 10 point lead over Kerry. This is unacceptible. Grassroots seems to be the buzzword during this election but it as absolutely spot on.

The campaigns themselves do not have enough capital to get their message to every voter out there, it's up to supporters like you and me to tell our friends, get them understanding the issues, and hopefully get them excited about the election.

There are many Democrats who are claiming that Kerry's campaign is out of focus. The contrast between the two couldn't be any more sharp. Fact of the matter is... Bush is trying to seem moderate, trying to appeal to the Kerry voters, when he's nothing close to it. The speech that Arnie gave at the RNC was touching, but completely out dated. Anyone who thinks the Republican party represents the ideals that Arnie talked about is a nut. They have been steadily moving to the right for years and that is undisputable.

Last night, when Justin and Alison and I were discussing the election, we talked about how this election is being fought. If you look at all the statistics, they all say that there's a margin of 5% or so that is undecided. The key here is that this mythical 100% is a statistic based on LIKELY voters. The key to winning this election is to get those unlikely voters into th voting booths and caring.

Problem is, so many people feel like:
  • They don't really have a choice, you're voting for lesser of two evils.
  • Their vote doesn't matter, things will be fucked no matter what they do.
  • The Republicans will do whatever it takes to win the election, even cheat, so why should I bother
To those people, I respond saying... It DOES matter. Had Al Gore been President, do people REALLY believe we'd be in Iraq right now? Do people believe that America would be as hated as it is right now if a Democrat was in power. Absolutely not.

I should hope that the last four years has shown you and the rest of the world that elections DO matter and every single god damned vote counts. It's one thing to have your campaign promises be unfufilled because of circumstances, it's another to not have any intention in filling them from day one.

I for one miss the days where the biggest issue in the nation was whether or not Clinton cheated on his wife. Where have all the good times gone?

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