Sunday, September 5, 2004

Wedding Day... And 'Deep Thoughts'

What a fantastic day, mostly. Today, my friend and coworker David Biderman and his fiance Melissa Hartman got married. It was a really beautiful ceremony, which took place at Westbury Manor in Long Island. It was a mostly traditional Jewish wedding which quickly followed up with a barrage of delicious food and many alcoholic beverages.

I was fortunate enough to have Justin and Alison attend the wedding. The reception was wonderful, filled with great music (mostly 80's and oldies), touching speeches from family, and new friends. There was open bar which meant much drinking, unfortunately, the food also reduced the intoxication.

David and Melissa are off to Italy tomorrow for their honeymoon. They come back in two weeks time and are taking another two weeks to get life in order as Mr. and Mrs. Biderman. I look forward to their return.

Justin, Alison, and I all decided to head to NYC tonight. Once I checked in, we headed to the lobby for some food and drink, then we headed off to our reservation for dinner. We went to this place called 'The Harrison'. I recommend it, the food was tremendous. Make sure you get the Cod fish for your entree. It's definitely choice.

After dinner, we walked into a local bar and had a great conversation about the US, it's place in the world, perceptions of Americans, and other related topics.

The conversation reminded me of a little revelation I had in Costa Rica.

Republicans believe in less regulation, less taxes, less social services... essentially that people should take it upon themselves to find success and those who fail suffer the consequences. Basically you can sum it up into one phrase-Survival of the Fittest.

On the other hand, Democrats believe in the concept of creating a more equal society. One where, like it or not, the rich WILL help the poor. Taxes and regulation help ensure that equality and opportunity are forced down our throats You could argue that this belief system is contrary to the concept of evolution through the very fact that it focuses on helping the weak by carrying their burden on the backs of the strong.

The real kicker of this observation is that conservative Christians who adamantly fight the notions of evolution and 'Survival of the Fittest' are most often Republican; while free thinkers who believe in the concept of evolution tend to be Democrat.

Who would have thought that the very people who oppose the concept of Evolution are it's biggest proponents while those who subscribe to the concept most are the least likely to follow it's teachings.

Humans are such hypocrites.


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