Saturday, September 25, 2004

Where'd the Cheez Go?

Good stuff people. Allow me to summarize:
  • New Emusic site launched. Emusic is great. $10 a month, 40 downloads. There's a better than decent music collection on their site and all the downloads are MP3s. I'm stoked on the new site.
  • New Cake album coming soon. It's called Pressure Cheif. I haven't heard it yet but I hope it's good. I'm not digging their newer style quite as much as their older stuff, but hopefully they'll let some of the older sound creep back into the new album.
  • Ween's coming to town. Well, not my town so much anymore, but where my heart belongs. They're hittin' Santa Cruz on the 14th of October. I cannot wait to go.
  • OktoberFest is hitting Ben Lomand at the Tyrulean Inn. Going to get drunk, maybe.


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